i-bodywork began as a way to create less suffering in the world.  The stress of living in a chaotic society can make us feel like we are carrying the earth on our shoulders.  Many feel it in our lower back.  Regardless of where your pain is, massage therapy can most likely help.  

"I see bodywork and massage as a path for me to help others by giving them less pain and suffering.  Working with clients, seeing them get relief, if even temporary, is a true joy for me. " 


Patrick Gomez graduated at the top of his class from Sterling Massage School in Dallas.  With a background in prosthetics and orthotics, Patrick is known for his firm pressure yet sensitive hands.  He specializes in Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage but has received additional training in Chair Massage. Patrick enjoys helping clients through a seamless blend of modalities to ensure general relaxation while focusing on all problem areas. He has experience treating clients with chronic pain, neuropathy, fibromyalia, depression, and anxiety.